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South Miami Physical Therapy & Pilates


  • Pain Elimination/Physical Therapy
  • Pilates-Based Rehab
  • Pilates Classes- group and private
  • Massage Therapy/Myofascial Release
  • Healthy Spine Program (Massage and Pilates memberships)
  • Weight Loss Program/Miami Slender
  • Ergonomics Consulting at your home or office


Whether you see us for Physical Therapy or Pilates, our goal is to help you achieve a pain free body with optimal postural alignment and physical fitness...Transform Your Body...Transform Your Life.


Our Physical Therapists are pain elimination experts.  In 90% of our patients, we effectively and dramatically reduce their pain in the very first session.  Within the first 5 sessions, most of our patients report an 80% reduction in their pain. 


Our cutting edge hands-on techniques eliminate painful trigger points in seconds.  We scan the entire body for these trigger points and simply eliminate them one at a time, just like turning off a light switch. We treat the body as a whole and quickly release restrictions no matter how long they have been there for.  This usually takes 3-5 sessions to effectively get rid of the "neurological holding pattern" your body is accustomed to.


To keep the pain away, we use Pilates exercises in our treatment program using our full studio equipment. In most cases, after a few sessions of the hands-on techniques when the pain is 70-80% less, we begin non-destructive movement/Pilates so your body can begin to learn to move differently, create new movement patterns, and replace the old destructive ones.  In a nutshell, first we RELEASE tight muscles and joints, then we RETRAIN your muscles and body to move differently, and the final phase is to REALIGN your posture, which is where our transition to Pilates classes happens (as this takes months and sometimes years to overcome the harmful effects of poor posture at work and at home).  We are your full solution for eliminating your pain and keeping it away for good!


If you have had massages, hoping to get the "knots" out for good, then you know very well that massage is usually just a "temporary relief."  Our techniques actually neurologically "turn off" painful spots so they are less likely to come back. We recommend our massage therapy program only once the pain is gone and the pain causing patterns and imbalances have been eliminated. Upon discharge from your PT program, usually 10-12 sessions, we recommend you get weekly or biweekly massages as a great "maintenance program" along with our Pilates classes or Home Exercise Program prescribed by your Physical Therapist to balance your body and keep the painful movement patterns from resurfacing.


If you have had traditional Physical Therapy before and did not get the results you were hoping for, welcome to South Miami Physical Therapy & Pilates!  We are NOT a factory and we pride ourselves on giving high quality, hands-on care to each client. If you really want to get pain free FAST, call us now!  


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