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Massage/Holistic Therapies/Wellness Programs


5-Pack $450 ($90 each)

10-Pack $800 ($80 each)

20-Pack $1,400 ($70 each)

Single $125



Myofascial ReleaseiStock_000009438264Largemassage 

A whole body treatment method that recognizes tightness and restrictions in one area of the body affects the entire body.  Fascial restrictions can lead to poor posture and inefficient movement patterns and pain. This technique focuses on releasing tight fascia so that your body can be pain free and acquire a new posture easier. 


Lic #: MM29974


graphic_lymphaticdrainageLymphatic Drainage
This is a hands-on approach where slow rhythmic strokes are performed to encourage lymphatic circulation in order to decrease any inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and detoxify the body for optimal function.  Good for swelling of extremeties.





graphic_cranialCraniosacral Therapy 
This is a hands-on, gentle approach  used to help people suffering from neurological and emotional restrictions which appear as chronic, unexplainable pain, headaches/migraines, sleeping difficulties, stress, interpersonal turmoil, and any type of old or new trauma. Clothes stay on for this treatment.




Visceral Manipulation

This is a hands-on, gentle technique to help release gastrointestinal symptoms, such as Hiatal Hernia, Acid Reflux, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Urinary Incontinence, gas/bloating, and even reproductive issues.




8134121_lWeight Loss Program

  • We sell a cutting edge weight loss product called Keto-OS which is designed to stimulate your body to burn stored fat for energy as opposed to glucose.  This is the key to getting rid of stubborn body fat around belly that doesn't seem to want to go away on its own.  This supplement is available in the office or can be ordered online as well.  www.idealbody.pruvitnow.com  Call Michele for questions or to order it.  Our clients are losing an average of 6-10 pounds/month.  Results are best when combined with a paleo or ketogenic diet.  You may also schedule a consultation with Michele to get on a nutrition program that will fit your lifestyle. Call the office to schedule. 305-661-1612  Price $180.




Holistic Physicians we work with:

Renee Skuban, Acupuncture Physician: 305-495-6026 ***available at our office by appt only. Call our office for appointment 305-661-1612

Dr. Nancy Eklund:  305-270-2229

Dr. Cindy Mitch-Gomez:  305-270-2229

Dr. Rashmi Murthy:  305-274-6161

Dr. Linda Marracinni:  305-666-8858

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